Plant of the week: Porcelain Vine

porcelain-vine-mp-1                            Porcelain vine from Marie’s November garden

What is it? The best thing about variegated porcelain vine (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata var. maximowiczii ‘Elegans’, if you relish a tongue-twister) is its startling berries. Borne in abundance in autumn, they remind me of those tiny speckled Easter eggs, in every shade from palest green and turquoise through to shell pink and amethyst. The height and spread is 3m x 1.5m but I’ve heard of specimens topping 5m each way.

Plant it with? Avoid mixing it with other variegated leaves. It’ll look good twined in with another green-leaved flowering climber. Try the annual cup and saucer vine (Cobaea scandens), or for a perennial, plant with Clematis ‘Warszawska Nike’or ‘Étoile Violette’, both with deep purple flowers.

And where? Think like a clematis. Roots in shade, foliage in the sun. For the best-looking fruit, provide a warm, sheltered spot with poor soil, and restrict the roots by planting it into the ground inside a large pot.

Any drawbacks? It is hardy but it will die back in winter and start back to life in spring. The green flowers produced in July and August don’t amount to much.

What else does it do? Use the beautiful leaves and berries in autumn flower arrangements.

Info courtesy of  Jane Perrone, The Guardian

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Growing figs & caring for them in winter


YES, you can grow figs in Canada and even keep them alive over the winter.  Here is a good article about the care & feeding of different varieties of figs and options for their winter survival….

From: Growing figs / Tarwanya Blog

“I recently gave away some small fig (Ficus carica ‘Stella’) plants that I’d grown from cuttings. I was asked how to look after them, so I figured this would be a good topic for a post (it has been …

Source: Growing figs. | tarwanya

Fall Jobs in the Garden: October


SUMMER BULBS STORAGE: once frost has blackened the plant’s leaves, dig, dry & store summer bulbs, corms & tubers in a cool, dry place 

GRASS: Apply a final lawn fertilizer mid month.

GARDEN UPDATE: Plant perennials & trees/shrubs; plant garlic!

MAINTENANCE: Rake leaves & shred into mulch; add to beds or compost pile.

WATER WELL: Depending on how much rain we get, your plants, trees & shrubs may need additional water to prepare for winter. Keep watering as needed.