You Know You’re Addicted to Gardening When… 

  1. You have a nagging desire pull out weeds in other people’s gardens.
  2. You steal the bags of leaves your neighbors put out on the street to use as compost or mulch.
  3. You can never get your fingernails clean
  4. You arrive early so you can be first in line when the botanical garden holds its rare plant sale.
  5. Your vacation plans are largely based on garden visits.
  6. Every home remodeling project includes more space for plants.
  7. When you get home after a hard day at work, you visit your garden before saying hello to your spouse.
  8. Total strangers recognize you as the person they saw wandering in a garden in pajamas holding a cup of coffee.
  9. There are always pots of unplanted plants at the end of your driveway.
  10. You have more pairs of gardening gloves than socks.
  11. You insist that every guest leave your house with a cutting or a division.

Read more below: there are a total of 50 counts in all; we gardeners are guilty of most of them!  Too funny!

Source: You Know You’re Addicted to Gardening When… – Laidback Gardener