City of Brampton’s Backyard Garden Program Announced

We congratulate Brampton on the new Backyard Garden Program for Brampton residents and we hope that other communities will follow the Flower City’s good example.

Mississauga Master Gardeners’ primary project for 2020 is to foster home vegetable gardens in the tradition of Victory Gardens during WWI & WWII. #VictoryGarden2020 is a  way to engage with nature, provide food security, teach kids about gardening and nature, improve soil, benefit the environment and more.

  Plus there is nothing like picking your own fresh vegetables just at their peak of ripeness…food doesn’t get more local (or tasty) than that.

Follow MMG posts for advice on what to plant and how to plant your Victory Garden 2020.

Here is more info on the Brampton initiative.
We hope  that the City of Mississauga follows this example and creates a home vegetable garden program of our own! And other local communities can do the same.

Media Release

City of Brampton announces first citywide Backyard Garden Program in Canada in response to COVID-19


​BRAMPTON, ON (April 16, 2020) – Yesterday, the City of Brampton launched the Backyard Garden Program, a new eco-friendly initiative to help support food security in our city, and encourage residents to get active at home during the COVID-19 emergency. The City of Brampton is the first municipality in Canada to launch a citywide initiative to support residents in growing their own gardens in response to COVID-19.

The new Brampton Backyard Garden Program is chaired by City Councillor Doug Whillans, Wards 2 and 6, in partnership with the City’s Parks Maintenance and Forestry division, and will include community partners as required.

With physical distancing measures in effect, this program encourages residents to grow produce and herbs from the comfort of their own homes, and donate their homegrown crops to local food banks and community organizations. In order to ensure food is equally distributed to those in need, a request form will made available for food banks and organizations to complete.

This initiative supports the Mayor’s Social Support Task Force’s focus on food security and reaffirms the City’s priority of being a sustainable Green City.

The new Backyard Garden Program, through which residents can continue to stay active and green, is an extension of the existing Community Gardens program.

Residents can request free supplies (soil and seeds) by emailing We will also share tutorials and tips on how to maintain gardens on our website at

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day just around the corner (Wednesday, April 22), this is the perfect opportunity for residents to contribute to urban agriculture, give back to the community, and help Brampton become a more healthy, resilient, and environmentally sustainable city. Here are some tips to celebrate Earth Day at home.   Read more