Code of Conduct

Mississauga Master Gardeners (MMG) is a volunteer organization committed to fostering an environment in which everyone we engage with, including fellow members and the general public is treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, age, gender, sexual identity
or sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or abilities. All members are expected to adhere to this principle.

Pledge: To maintain a respectful relationship with individuals encountered through volunteer activities we as MMG members will:

  • respect and uphold the rights and dignity of all other volunteers and all individuals who participate in MMG programs, recognizing that people’s values , beliefs, customs, and strengths differ;
  • encourage participation of and respect for individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

MMG does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, abuse or bullying.

Abuse by any participant by physical or verbal means is unacceptable and members should report such abuse, if observed.

Members will respect personal boundary limits of fellow members.

All members  will abstain from harassment or bullying of another participant, volunteer or member of the public (either in person or through social media or other communication venues).

Any person who engages in these types of  behaviours

may be removed from the premises and subsequently dismissed from the Mississauga Master Gardener group

Complaint Process Re breaches of the Code of Conduct

1. Initially, the complainant is encouraged to speak to the alleged offender, if they feel safe to do so, and to try to resolve the issue themselves where appropriate.

2. If an informal resolution cannot be reached, or the complainant feels that under the circumstances it is inappropriate, then a formal complaint
should be reported confidentially, preferably by email, to the Coordinator or Co-coordinator.

3. The Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5-7days.

4. The Coordinator and Co-coordinator will review the complaint, interview both the complainant and accused and attempt to reach an appropriate resolution.  The Coordinator and Co-coordinator may ask 1-2 addition MMG members to assist with this process.

5. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, or if the breach is deemed

severe and/or there is a persistent pattern of breaches that the offender does

not recognise or correct, then they will be asked to resign immediately
from the MMG organization.
If they should refuse to resign, they will be notified in writing that their membership has been terminated and they may no longer refer to themselves as a Master Gardener.