Pollinator Week: In The Zone Canada

This is Pollinator Week across North America and what better way to celebrate it than to create food and habitat  in our own gardens for the wildlife, birds and insects who make up our garden ecosystems.

“In The Zone” is a new program to help homeowners to protect and foster  the biodiversity of our own Carolinian zone ecosystem.

“By planting a single native oak, a patch of milkweed or growing an entire native plant garden, you’ll be taking the first step to creating an ecosystem in your yard that offers food and shelter to a diversity of bees, caterpillars, butterflies and birds. Explore strategies for transforming your garden for native wildlife.

The Carolinian Zone in southern Ontario is a hotspot for biodiversity, with more species of rare plants and animals than anywhere else in Canada, including the Blanding’s turtle, southern flying squirrel, rusty patch bumblebee and monarch butterfly.

Not only is the Carolinian Zone home to one-third of Canada’s at risk plants and animals, it’s also home to a quarter of our human population. With the region’s population projected to grow significantly, so will our impact on nature and the health of wildlife.

If you live in the Carolinian Zone, your garden is a critical piece for restoring lost habitat and creating a healthy future for the region and the wildlife that call it home. Please join us in making your garden part of the solution – together we can grow life-sustaining habitats and resilient landscapes, one yard at a time.”

Source and for info on how you can sign up:  http://www.inthezonegardens.ca/